Stepping out …

I have been an educator for twenty years, and during that time I have taught from preschool to grade 10. I have served in a variety of leadership roles, and served as a district consultant presenting to staff groups as large as 200. I have spoken in front of dignitaries, politicians, school board trustees and superintendents. And yet, putting myself on the web is far more uncomfortable than public speaking. There is a lack of control in putting my thoughts and ideas on the web, and an uncertainty around how my words might be used or perceived.

I love reading the discourse on the Internet, marvelling at the information, knowledge and wit that is generated and shared. I have always embraced technology, as evidenced in my previous post … and yet, I have never chosen to publish or participate online. I have remained a lurker, revelling in the anonymity of reading and exploring, but never really putting myself out there. The Internet has been an extended library for me, and now here I am, taking that first step in participating in the read/write web by creating this blog. I chose to use WordPress as this is the blogging platform that we will be using at one of the schools I am a teacher-librarian at.

Through this blog, I will share my discoveries as I explore a variety of Web 2.0 tools, and will try out these tools with students and teachers. I intend to incorporate a number of these tools into the library site that I am building, and am already exploring Shelfari and GoodReads to kick off Read-In Week activities in October.

This week I am starting to play with photosharing … I’ll keep you posted!


About shelljob

I am an educator and life-long learner, exploring new adventures as a teacher-librarian and graduate student. This blog is part of a course on Web 2.0 that I am taking. I am also the parent of a philosopher, a velcro dog and two independent cats. They all manage to keep me humble and grounded!
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2 Responses to Stepping out …

  1. Jennifer Branch says:

    I love the way you write and I know other readers will find your writings engaging. Spend a few minutes this week thinking about some overarching, nagging questions that you want to return to as you go through this process.

    I think it helps if you can put those questions out there and if they are central to your own context.

  2. Kirsten Morozov says:

    Hi Shelly,

    It’s great to hear you are already incorporating some of these new tools into teaching.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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